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Finding, adding and sharing your meeting notes in Meetric is so easy that you'll save 2 hours each week.

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Meeting notes are all over the place

, costing time

you don't have

🚫 Takes time to search & find past ones
🚫 Takes time to remember what was due
🚫 Takes time to share them with others
🚫 Takes time to create a new doc each time

With Meetric, your meeting notes are

automatically organised

, saving up to 2 hours of admin each week

Automatic organisation

Notes in Meetric are automatically linked to your events in Google Calendar.

Lighspeed access

From your calendar, view and add notes in 2 clicks, for any meeting.

Smart meeting history

Past notes, that are relevant, are automatically shown in your next meeting.

Instant sharing

URL, email, Slack... it's never been easier to share notes with others.

Here's a

live meeting note



you can interact with

With our

Chrome extension

, Meetric can live inside

Google Calendar


Google Meet

“One of the best products I've used in a LONG time! Makes me feel like a meeting productivity superhero and helps me stay on top of my meetings, actions, and keeps everyone involved accountable.”

Elizabeth Van Rooyen
Co-Founder, Kaspa
Ryan OGrady & Meetric

“I love that I can take notes on meetings super quickly. I used to have to open Drive, create a new doc, etc. which isn't worth it. Also I love that I can set actions for my team and it automatically reminds them!”

Cheryl Mack
CEO, Aussie Angels
Ryan OGrady & Meetric

“Best feature is the Time Machine: for reoccurring meetings, the previous meeting notes are pulled in automatically, that way you can reference and pull from those as well.”

Andrew Cilio
Managing Director, Mago Marketing
Ryan OGrady & Meetric

“I am in approximately 10 to 15 meetings per day and Meetric has allowed me to attach my meeting notes to the meetings directly and document everything in line. It keeps me organized and on time!”

Abe Balsamo
Director, MTX Group
Ryan OGrady & Meetric

“Meetric makes it so much easier to have a productive meeting! I particularly like the Time Machine functionality to recall what was discussed in previous meetings.”

Justin Gallagher
VP of Product, Trello
Ryan OGrady & Meetric

“I wished there was a product that allow me to connect the notes to my Google calendar so it's automatically organized and I can easily get back to my notes from a previous meeting. Then I found Meetric!”

Alyssa Wu
Senior Team Leader, FeedMob
Common questions

Still curious?

What's Meetric?
Meetric is a tool to prepare and run all your meetings.

Specifically, it looks after the 'content' of your meetings: in Meetric, you can prepare an agenda, write down meeting notes, create and assign action items, on your own OR with others.

Your calendar tool is for your meeting schedule: the when, where, who.
Your videoconferencing tool is for your meeting logistics: the how.
Meetric is for your meeting content: the what.
How is it better than taking notes in Google Docs or Apple Notes?
Traditional note-taking tools were never built for meetings, often resulting in extra work. For example, in Google Drive, you have to create a doc, put it in the right folder, share it, chase people to add to it, search for it later, etc.

With Meetric, all of that extra work goes away: notes & action items are automatically connected to the existing events in your calendar; meeting preparation & follow-up are automatically sent by the app when needed.
Is Meetric for teams or individuals?
Either! You can use Meetric on your own for all your calls and meetings OR use it with the whole team to easily prepare & run any team meetings.
Do you have integrations?
Meetric is integrated with Google (to connect your calendar), as well as Notion & Slack (to save/share your notes there).

If you download our Chrome extension, you can also use Meetric in any web-based video conferencing tool, like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.
Is my data secured?
Absolutely! First, none of your calendar information is saved without your permission, and even with it, we only store information for the events you've captured notes in. Second, any information recorded is secured with RSA 2048-bit encryption. Third, our server infrastructure is built upon AWS and its cloud security.
Can I implement Meetric for my whole company?
Yes - click on 'Talk us 👋' at the bottom of this page, leave your contact details and one of the founders will get in touch to organise a call.
What's your pricing?
There is a 7-day free trial and then it's only $5 per month!
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