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A shared workspace to prepare & run all your meetings while saving time!

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Meeting schedule

Your calendar events.
Your meeting notes.
Your actions.

Now all connected.
Meeting minutes

Structured or chaotic.
Collaborative or solo.
Shared or private.

Capture notes your way.
Meeting history

Decisions from last meeting?
Notes from last customer call?
Actions from last 1:1?

Find the info in seconds.
Meeting actions

Clear next steps for everyone.
Reminded when needed.
Organised in one place.

No more actions lost in limbo.
Meeting timer

Start on time.
Finish on time.
Take a breather.

Don't run over & ruin your day.

Meetings are riddled with communication problems.

Poor agenda prep. Notes everywhere. Unclear next steps.

Without Meetric ❌
Lack preparation.
Stay indecisive.
Run overtime.
Lose past notes.
Drop the ball.
Painful meetings.
With Meetric ✅
Create shared agenda.
Decide next steps.
Finish on time.
Find notes in seconds.
Get things done.
Effective meetings.
Built for today's workplace
Your work, your way.
Wherever. Whenever.
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Protecting your best moments.
Leveraging Google API, AWS & RSA 2048-bit encryption, your information is safe.
Meetric integrates with Google
with Google.
No account creation needed.
Meetric has a chrome extension
Use our Chrome
Google Calendar & Google Meet.
Meetric will soon integrate with Microsoft/Outlook
Coming in 2022.
with Microsoft.
Ryan OGrady & Meetric

“With Meetric, we have fewer and better meetings”

Ryan O'Grady
CEO, Netpoint Group
Cheryl Mack & Meetric

“No more forgetting what was said! Just easy notes and next steps”

Cheryl Mack
National Head of Community, Stone & Chalk
Vanessa Ronan-Pierce & Meetric

“Everyone is held accountable and I am so much more efficient”

Vanessa Ronan-Pierce
Director of Partnerships, Antler
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Common questions

Still curious?

What's Meetric?
Meetric is a tool to have super-productive meetings. Specifically, it looks after the 'content' of your meetings: the agenda, the notes, the action items - 'sitting' between your calendar and videoconferencing tool.

With Meetric, for any of your meetings, you can prepare an agenda, write down meeting notes, create and assign action items - on your own OR with others.
How is it better than taking notes in Google Docs or Apple Notes?
Traditional note-taking tools were never built for meetings, often resulting in extra work. For example, if the notes are shared with your team (eg. Google Doc), you have to create a doc, share it, chase people to add to it, etc.

With Meetric, all of that extra work goes away: notes & action items are automatically connected to the existing events in your calendar; meeting preparation & follow-up are automatically sent by the app when needed.
Is Meetric for teams or individuals?
Either! You can use Meetric on your own for all your calls and meetings OR use it with the whole team to easily prepare & run your team meetings and 1:1s.
Do you have integrations?
Meetric is integrated with Google (to connect your calendar), as well as Notion & Slack (to save/share your notes there).

If you download our Chrome extension, you can also use Meetric in any web-based video conferencing tool, like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.
Is my data secured?
Absolutely! First, none of your calendar information is saved without your permission, and even with it, we only store information for the events you've captured notes in. Second, any information recorded is secured with RSA 2048-bit encryption. Third, our server infrastructure is built upon AWS and its cloud security.
How much does Meetric cost?
You can use Meetric for free as long as you want or upgrade to Meetric Pro 💎 for just the price of a coffee per month.
Connected to the apps you love.
For your meeting notes and action items, Meetric plays well with others.
Slack Meetric integration