10 Crazy Meetings Facts - Part 2

Read ten of the most amazing facts about meetings in this short article.

Despite how you feel about them, meetings are still seen as a valuable part of any workplace. Whether meetings are virtual or in-person, they give you the chance to contribute and share ideas.

If you've already read 10 Meeting Fact's That Will Blow Your Mind Part 1 then get ready for 10 more meeting facts that will blow your mind. We’re confident they’ll make you look at meetings in a whole new light.

1. 34% of Companies are Likely to Adopt VR Tech for Long-Distance Meetings in the Next 5 years

Times are changing and so is the workplace. Look forward to meetings being very different in 5 years where advancements will be made to make long-distance employees feel present during meetings.


2. The Way Employees Feel About Meetings is a Reflection of How They Feel about Their Jobs

How employees feel about their jobs has a direct impact on the effectiveness of meetings.

More importantly, it’s linked to the level of efficiency and contribution in the workplace.


3. Morning Meetings are More Productive

Meetings that span a wider scope of participants should be scheduled before lunch.

People are more active and perky before they hit that all-too-familiar mid-day slump. Also, it gives them the rest of the day to recalibrate and gather their ideas.


4. 63% of Meetings Aren't Planned

While it's true that well-planned, organized meetings can be immensely helpful, most of them aren't planned at all.

In fact, 63% of all meetings are conducted without any plan or agenda at all.


5. 47% of Employees State Mondays Are the Worst for Meetings

Maybe Garfield has a point when he says he hates Mondays.

47% of employees say that Mondays are the worst days to be in a meeting. The remainder says that Fridays are the worst.


6. Virtual meetings promote better polling and brainstorming

Although most people prefer face-to-face meetings, virtual meeting tools offer functionalities that promote better polling and brainstorming during meetings.

For example many video conferencing platforms have in built polling, virtual whiteboards, and breakout rooms that make idea capturing seamless.


7. 39% admit they doze off during meetings.

This number signifies several things. First, it indicates how boring meetings can be. It also signifies how people would rather be anywhere else except stuck in a meeting room.


8. 78% of people feel that their meeting schedule is out of their control

Ever had your personal schedule or opinions and dismissed in the workplace?

Most employees say that their senior managers or immediate managers determine the meeting schedule.

Furthermore, some workers feel that the managers overload their work week with meetings leaving them little control over their personal work schedules.


9. Food is the best motivator for 71% of 18-19-year-olds to attend meetings

71% of the younger generation say that free lunch is one of the best ways to excite them into a meeting. Maybe its the growth spurts that's affecting their hunger pangs?

However, a well-planned meeting gets most people excited about joining and participating in it.


10. 37% of Employee Time Is Spent in Meetings

Did you know that 37 percent of employee time is spent attending meetings? That's right!

Try find a way to shorten or decrease the amount of meetings you have - your day will become that more productive.


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