10 Insane Meeting Facts - Part 3

The latest crazy meeting facts uncovered!

Meetings are a mainstay in any workplace. Even with the rise of technology and virtual meetings, we still spend many of our working hours running from meeting to meeting.

Here are 20 facts about meetings that will shock you.

Every day, about 55 million meetings are held around the world

Yes, you read that right. A whopping 55 million meetings are conducted every day, all around the world!


63% of meetings are held without an agenda

A planned agenda can be a great help to any meeting. It keeps everyone on track and ensures that no time is wasted. However, more than 6 out of 10 meetings are conducted without one.


An average employee attends more than 15 meetings a week

The typical staff member goes for 62 meetings a month. But this may not always be a good thing. People also often have to take the time out and prepare for meetings. That might feel even more exhausted. 


Executives spend 50% of their working hours in meetings

Senior level employees spend even more time in meetings. On average, executives spend 40% to 50% of working hours in meetings.


People spend 10% more time in meetings every year

We might think that technology will help us bring conversations online instead of holding meetings, but the trends say something else. Since 2000, we spend 10% more time in meetings every year. 


Standing meetings might be the next big thing

Ever felt like dozing off at the meeting table? That might change if standing meetings become common. Standing gets people more excited about creative group processes. It also helps to increase teamwork. 


Meeting rooms are only used 36% of the time

In-person meetings are an important part of working life. It’s no wonder that almost every office has a room just for meetings. However, they are only used about one-third of the time. That means more than 5 hours of workspace is going to waste in an average 8-hour working day.


53% of meeting rooms are made for seven or more people, but 73% of meetings only have two to four people

Most meeting rooms are designed for larger groups. But most meetings only involve a handful of people. The space might be going to waste, since the rooms might not always be in use.


Staff, task force, and information sharing meetings account for 88% of meetings held

These are the three most common types of meetings. These meetings are important for updating employees on what is going on with the organisation. 


40% of employees spend up to 30 minutes daily looking for a meeting space

There are so many meetings every day. It’s no surprise that meeting spaces are scarce and in high demand. Much preparation goes into every meeting and that includes looking for a location.