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5 Slack Apps to Manage Your To-Do List

5 Slack apps for your to-do list

A to-do list is the primary tool to boost workplace productivity. There is a multitude of apps on Slack that promise to help you manage your ever-growing task list. 

To-do lists either empower you to get more done or be a mere source of frustration. The secret lies in how you choose to use these Slack apps to manage your to-dos. 

In this article, we will list our top picks of Slack apps to help you manage your tasks. We will also share tips and tricks to manage your to-dos.

Top 5 Slack Apps for To-do Lists

1. To-do Bot

To-do Slack app lets you create tasks as a conversation takes place. It promises to be more powerful than a to-do list but without all the extra baggage that comes with project management tools. 

To-do allows you to prioritize your tasks. For each task, you can include more details and comments. You can also mark tasks as complete without ever exiting the Slack window.

If you set due dates, the bot also sends daily reminders. All tasks are organized by channels. You can get a comprehensive view of what your team is working on by looking at that specific channel. You can also keep your personal to do list separate from that of your team by just using the command /mytodo.

2. listMe

listMe is a task manager built exclusively for Slack. It enables you to keep to-dos, discussions, and ideas organized as lists. Lists are built into every Slack conversation, so you never forget to write down tasks. Its simple design allows you to add list items with ease-just type /list followed by the item. You can also delete an item and check your list. Once you complete all tasks, clear the list with /list clear.

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist Slack app helps you create to-do lists collaboratively. It works as an efficient task manager, sending timely reminders so that deadlines aren’t missed. You can add comments, create and complete a to-do right from Slack. Wunderlist also allows you to maintain personal lists that are invisible to your team. 

Here are some features along with their Slack commands: 

  • View tasks with /wunderlist tasks
  • Create tasks with /wunderlist add [your task]

4. Kyber

Kyber offers a host of features for project management, task management, and personal productivity. Kyber’s time list keeps to-dos, calendars, and reminders in a single place. Kyber also allows you to send a task as a private message to any of your team members. You can set up reminders or follow up when a task is not completed. You can also make a quick action plan for the day. 

Kyber makes meeting scheduling fun with interactive messages. Attach documents, add meeting agendas, and manage meeting invitations with this handy app. Kyber can also sync with an external calendar to bring all events to Slack.

5. Slingr ToDone

Slingr ToDone is a task management app. Your to-dos are organized by cards. This adds a visual element to the task management process. It promises to offer the same benefits as Trello+Slack coupled with Google Calendar and Contacts integration. ToDone offers the following features:

  • Assign tasks and track them.
  • Links and files dragged to Slack are added to ToDone.
  • Channel and task notes can be recorded with ease.

Tips to Manage Your To-Do List

Start with the Why

It is important to know what to add to your task list. Use these questions to keep your task lists short.

  • Why am I adding this to my list of to-dos? Add only those tasks that you will work on and eventually complete.
  • Why do I need to do this task? If the task can be delegated or outsourced to someone more suited for it, do it.

Write To-dos as Action Steps

Don’t use your to-do list to add outcomes. Add action steps so you know exactly what to do when you see the list. Always start tasks with a verb. 

For example: Email George for availability for a demo on Monday. 

Ensure that you use the right verb, as this enables you to start working on the task right away.

Include Estimated Time for Each Task

Break down your tasks so that the estimated time for each task doesn’t extend beyond an hour. If it does, you have to break down your task into even smaller tasks. The bigger the task, the greater the inertia to start.

Add Resources Required to Complete Each Task

Add all the required information to your task to get started right away. Missing resources can prevent you from starting a task. Ensure information such as reference documents, contact information, and so on are added to the task description.

Review Your To-do List

Every week, review your task list to ensure that everything is in order. This will help you understand if set priorities are still relevant. You can also see which tasks are in danger of being delayed and adjust priorities accordingly. If you constantly skip review, then it is a sign that your to-do list is in serious need of an overhaul.

Choosing a Slack App that Works for You

There are so many apps that can help you manage your to-do list. Your search for the perfect Slackbot doesn’t start in the app directory. It starts with examining how you manage your team tasks and to-dos. 

To narrow down the search, you can use some questions.

  • How do you tick off your tasks?
  • Are your tasks grouped? If yes, what are the criteria for grouping?
  • How long are your task descriptions? What additional details do you require?
  • Do you need a visual system to track progress? 

The answers to these questions can help you choose an app that improves the way your team collaborates and works together. Go ahead, add these apps to your workspace and get more done!