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9 Must-Have Slack Apps For Every Team

9 Must-have Slack apps for every team

Unless you live under a rock, you likely have heard of Slack. 

It has changed the way we communicate and interact. We don’t have to spend hours combing through long email threads to find crucial information. Slack channels make it quick and easy to find what we need. The Slack App Directory is abuzz with apps that streamline workplace communication and help you stay on top of your tasks. 

We have gathered some of the best Slack apps that make your workplace a productivity powerhouse. Dig in and get things done faster and easier!

1. Google Hangouts App - The Best Communication App for Your Team

The Hangouts App from Google lets you to start a hangout with anyone in your channel. You can start a video call straight from Slack by using the command /hangouts. You don’t just have to stick to instant messaging. You can have an in-person conversation with little planning. You can even send an invite to everyone within the channel. They can join the call by clicking on the link from within Slack.

2. Tettra - A Wiki for Effective Project Management

Tettra for Slack provides a way to centralize, organize, and share information for your team. It works as a knowledge management app from within Slack. You can create a central hub of information for your team. You can save employee handbooks, marketing best practices, coding guidelines, and reimbursement procedures. You can search Tettra pages, request new information, and keep content updated. There is a slew of easy commands to help you accomplish these tasks. Tettra is priced at US$50 per month for their basic plan.

3. Trello - Task Manager and Collaboration Tool

Organizing projects and collaborating with your team becomes fun and rewarding with Trello. This productivity app provides a visual summary of everything involved in your project. The Trello app for slack allows seamless communication between the two apps. You can add new Trello cards from Slack with /trello add. You can also update information and add team members to a Trello team via Slack. The Trello business class package is priced at $9.99 per user per month.

4. Statsbot - Monitor the Most Important Metrics

The quickest way to measure success is to set up performance metrics. Statsbot helps you track metrics from Google Analytics, New Relic, or Mixpanel. If you are looking for a particular metric, you can ask Statsbot and view it immediately. You don’t have to open the analytics tool and search for the relevant metric. Statsbot also alerts you to data spikes. You can request any number of reports and metrics. This is a revolutionary way to analyze data from your Slack chat window. Their basic plan is free.

5. TomatoBot - Boost Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique

The best productivity apps are based on the Pomodoro technique. This technique advocates working for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break. Tomatobot monitors your work time and breaks. Once you start work, just type in /startwork and you will be notified when it’s time for a break. You can also keep distractions at bay and focus on work with the /distraction command.

6. Invision - Design Collaboration Made Easy

The InVision app for Slack makes it easy to manage projects and communicate changes. Changes made within InVision projects such as screen changes, comments, and project status are automatically synced with Slack. Design review is made easy with instant notifications, change previews, and adding comments. This leads to quicker feedback and faster project turnaround times. The starter plan is priced at US$13/ month.

7. Zapier - Work Smarter and Faster

Zapier eliminates manual work and helps teams work smart. Zapier integrations connect Slack with more than 1000 apps that help with a variety of tasks. For example, project management, collaboration tools, and communication apps can be accessed with Zapier. 

According to Zapier’s listing in the Slack app directory, Zapier lets you move important tasks out of Slack and into a separate project management app. Responses from contact and registration forms can also be viewed from a Slack channel. You can even check for new assigned tasks in your project management apps and send yourself a DM with a list of new tasks. Zapier’s work plan starts at US$20/month and their team plan starts at US$250/month.

8. Google Calendar App - Never Miss Another Meeting

With the Google Calendar app for Slack, you will never miss another meeting. This Slack integration allows calendars from multiple Google accounts to post on the channel or even send a private message. You can set custom reminders before an event starts.You will also receive a daily and weekly summary of scheduled events. If a meeting has been moved up or the location has changed, you will instantly be notified.

9. PaperBot - Create a Links Database

Teams share thousands of links every week. Paperbot compiles these links and creates a comprehensive information resource. Your team can access the links on the web, from the app, or even through an email summary. It also filters out useless links and keeps only the most relevant ones.

Super-charging Productivity with Slack Apps

There are scores of apps and chatbots waiting to be discovered. Go ahead add a few of these bots. They are sure to make your teamwork more productive and collaboration even more fun.