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How To Use Meetric With Your Team

A guide on how to use Meetric with your team.

Meetric connects to your calendar to easily write down meeting notes and todos with anyone in the meeting. The value it drives is that nothing discussed ever gets lost.

Our Chrome extension even lets you do it within Google Calendar or Google Meet!

But, here's a little secret: Meetric is even more powerful when the whole team gets involved.

Goodbye Google Docs...Hello Meetric

We've all used Google Docs & Sheets in team meetings before:

- It's online.
- It's easy to use.
- It has real-time collaboration.
- It's shared in 2-clicks.

What about Meetric?

- It's online.
- It's easy to use.
- It has real-time collaboration.
- It's shared in 2-clicks.
- It shows the details of the calendar event (description, location, guests).
- It keeps track of the time left in the meeting.
- It can assign action-items to any meeting guests.
- It highlights outstanding action-items from past meetings.
- It finds past meetings notes for extra context.
- It later follows up with people who have outstanding actions.
- It nudges people to prepare for the next meeting.

and more!

In a sense, Meetric is like Google Docs...built for meetings.

Don't get me wrong, you can still have a productive meeting using Google Docs. But it's the same argument as delivering a successful project using spreadsheets instead of Asana or Monday - it's just harder, slower and unpleasant.

With Meetric, it's easier to have super productive meetings - nothing discussed ever gets lost AND team accountability gets a boost.

How do I try in my next team meeting?

Alright, you're ready to put aside Google Docs and give Meetric a try with your team in your next meeting - here's what to do next.

1. Find that next team meeting in Google Calendar - paste the URL in the event description so everyone has it with a little explanatory text on what this is.

5. When you start the meeting, spend 2min sharing your screen to show how Meetric works. Get people to click on the link in the event description, sign in to Meetric, click on the meeting in the Meetric meeting list to view and collaborate on the notes (just like Google Docs).

Pretty easy huh!

A few things to remember:

  • You can assign actions to any guests in the meetings and turn on/off email reminders.
  • You can make the page public (the '+' button) so guests who are not signed in to Meetric can still access.
  • You can email the notes at the end of the meeting.

What about if I want to import past meeting notes from Google Docs?

1. Open your Google Docs and copy the notes.

2. In Meetric meeting list, click on the previous team meeting and paste your Google Docs notes.

3. If you then go to the upcoming team meeting, you'll find the notes in the 'Time Machine' section.

Any questions or issues, get in touch.