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Meeting notes in Google Calendar

Find all your meeting notes in Google Calendar
Introducing the Meetric Chrome extension, 100% free, to capture and track all your meeting notes in Google Calendar πŸ“….


With our extension, it's super easy to:

  • Prep meeting agendas ahead of time πŸ“
  • Write meeting notes without leaving your calendar ✍️
  • Assign todos to any of the meeting guests βœ…
  • Find past meeting notes for any events in your calendar πŸ“œ

Watch a demo here:

To install our extensiom, visit our Chrome extension page and then:
  1. Click 'Add to Chrome'
  2. Go to Google Calendar and refresh the page
  3. Click on an event in your Google Calendar, then the button 'Take notes'
  4. A side panel will appear and ask you to sign-in.
  5. Sign-in with your Google account (same one as your Google Calendar).

That's it - you're signed in and you can take meeting notes and actions for any event in your calendar!

Any questions or issues with us, get in touch!


February 3, 2021