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Meeting notes in Google Meet

Write meeting notes in Google Meet
Introducing the Meetric Chrome extension, 100% free, to capture notes directly in Google Meet 📅.

With our extension, it's super easy to:

  • Prep meeting agendas ahead of time 📝
  • Write meeting notes in Google Meet ✍️
  • Assign todos to any of the meeting guests ✅
  • Find past meeting notes for any events in your calendar 📜

Watch a demo here:

To install our extensiom, visit our Chrome extension page and then:
  1. Click 'Add to Chrome'
  2. Go to Google Calendar and refresh the page
  3. Click on an event in your Google Calendar, then the button 'Join with Google Meet'
  4. Once in Google Meet, click on the little C icon on the right of your screen.
  5. A side panel will appear and ask you to sign-in.
  6. Sign-in with your Google account (same one as your Google Calendar).

That's it - you're signed in and you can take meeting notes and actions for the meeting that you're in without switching windows!

Any questions or issues with us, get in touch!

February 3, 2021