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Meetric: The Best Alternative to MeetNotes?

Is Meetric the best alternative to MeetNotes

There are many apps out there that make meetings less painful. One of these apps was MeetNotes. MeetNotes was geared towards helping teams run productive meetings. It allowed users to create an agenda, take notes, and assign tasks to different team members. 

However, on 30 November 2020, MeetNotes shut down for good. This left many ex-MeetNotes users scrambling to find a substitute.

Since then, there have been many alternatives to MeetNotes. MeetNotes branded itself as an app that transforms your meeting experience. Just like MeetNotes, Meetric is also an integrated software that promises to super-charge your meetings.

Compared to MeetNotes, how does Meetric weigh up?

In this post, we will compare different features in Meetric and MeetNotes. From integration features to pricing options, we will touch on everything you need to know about the two apps.

First things first: if you want to try out Meetric and decide for yourself, click here

But if you’re still on the fence, keep reading. 

Create Agenda

A well-prepared meeting agenda might just be the first step to a successful meeting.

MeetNotes provided a meeting editor for teams, which can be used for creating agendas. This worked like a regular notepad where you can type out anything you want, including your meeting agenda.

Meetric works in a similar way. Like MeetNotes, Meetric’s editor allows you to create a collaborative agenda. For example, you can create the agenda document beforehand and distribute it to your team. You can easily share the agenda and pre-meeting to-dos directly from the Meetric interface.

Everyone can then have a better sense of what will be discussed during the meeting. Team members can be more prepared for the meeting itself. You can also share the agenda with people who cannot make it to the meeting. That way, they can contribute ideas as well.

Take Meeting Notes

Another must-have for any meeting app is a function to help take meeting notes or minutes. With its built-in editor, MeetNotes also allowed users to take minutes. 

Similarly, Meetric also has the essential feature of taking meeting minutes. It is also collaborative. Different team members can contribute to the notes. This makes it such that the meeting takes into account every single person’s viewpoint.

Meetric’s interface also makes it easy to find meeting notes from previous meetings. This allows you to track what was discussed, decisions made, tasks given, and so on.

Meetric streamlines the task of taking minutes. You and your team can work together on the notes in real-time. You can also pull up old minutes with ease. All these add up to make Meetric the best tool for inclusive meetings. 

Assign and Track Action Items

During a meeting, one of the most important things is to remember what you have to do after. MeetNotes had a function for this. The app allowed you to assign tasks and track them. 

Meetric’s interface makes this a breeze. In the same window you use to type your agenda and minutes, you can also assign action items to each member of your team. When your minutes and action items are in the same space, it is easier to trace why each action item is being assigned. Team members will not have to scramble around different documents looking for a relevant rationale or discussion.

Meetric’s action items feature also has other perks. Reminders are sent out to ensure that your team is on track. All your tasks are stored in one place. This makes them easy to retrieve.

When action items are put in place, team members know exactly what they need to do. It becomes easier for them to keep track of their own tasks. With next-step reminders, it is also easier for team leaders to make sure that their team is on track.

Google Calendar Integration

We all rely on a scheduling app of some kind. Many of us use Google Calendar. For that reason, almost all apps now have some form of Google Calendar integration. MeetNotes was not an exception.

Meetric also falls under this category. The app’s Google Workspace extension seamlessly integrates the app with your calendar for easy access. 

Think of the Meetric Calendar add-on as a shortcut to everything you need for your meeting. After downloading the add-on, your meeting shows up on Google Calendar with important details like name, time, location, agenda, and a link to the meeting notes. Simply click on the link to enter the note-taking interface, which you can use to take minutes. You can also use this to create an agenda. 

Other Features

On top of all the above, Meetric also has other cool features that will make meetings productive and collaborative.

Other than integrating with Calendar, Meetric’s Google Workspace add-on also integrates with your Meet interface. When your video call is in progress, the note-taking editor appears at the side so that you can take minutes without obstructing your attention. This allows you to take notes without switching windows too.

Meetric also has a useful built-in timer that helps you ensure that you start and finish on time. This means that your team members enter and end the meeting feeling refreshed. It also helps to avoid burn-out in the long run.

What makes Meetric special? Unlike other note-taking apps, it is specially made for meetings.

Each and every feature was designed with the aim of making meetings as easy and productive as possible. Instead of fiddling around with different windows and trawling through folders to find your notes, Meetric streamlines the process for you. With productive meetings, your business will benefit as well.

When it comes to meeting apps, average ones are a dime a dozen. Meetric stands out among its competitors with streamlined features specially tailored for your meeting.