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Product Hunt Top Products 2021

Product Hunt Top Products 2021

SavvyCal – #1 on Product Hunt in January

SavvyCal, one of Product Hunt’s top products of 2021, makes meeting scheduling easier. For example, recipients can overlay their calendars on top of senders’ calendars to instantly find a common time. They can choose from different meeting durations, which grants flexibility in meeting time. In each link, they will also see the sender’s proposed meeting time, which makes scheduling a one-click experience.

Senders can rank their available timings and indicate their preferred times without strict constraints. On top of that, senders can also impose frequency limits and find schedule conflicts across multiple calendars. – #1 on Product Hunt in February

Developed by the team at Raycast, aims to help users create images of their code. This simple and useful tool transforms users’ codes into beautiful images. For those with programing blogs, websites, or any platform that requires images or screenshots or code, is a sleek tool for visualizing syntax.

Users can choose from a spectrum of syntax colors. Furthermore, the background can be shown or hidden. The window can also switch between dark and light modes. Keyboard shortcuts speed up the process, allowing developers to efficiently produce elegant images of their code.

Ghost 4.0 – #1 on Product Hunt in March

Ghost 4.0 is a platform targeted at professional publishing and aims to provide open source tools for independent journalists and writers. It allows users to build websites, gather an audience, and build a business around their work. To date, Ghost has been installed more than 2.5 million times. 

Ghost 4.0 has a number of key improvements from the last major release in October 2019. Notably, users now have a dashboard that provide insight into how their content is performing. Memberships, subscriptions, and newsletters are now natively part of the service. 

Calendso – #1 on Product Hunt in April

Calendso is an app that focuses on providing a calendar service that is fully customizable and grants users complete control over their events. The app provides custom themes and integrations to make a scheduling service that is streamlined for every user.

This open source tool allows users to manage their own data. Calendso also offers both self-hosting or hosting on their dedicated servers. The app is 100% white label, allowing users to tap on its features while maintaining their company’s unique brand identity.

Graphite – #1 on Product Hunt in May

Graphite is a free website builder that empowers people to create beautiful, responsive websites without having to use any code. 

The developers crafted Graphite with designers’ interests in mind. Users can select from a list of templates, or start with a blank slate. Familiar graphic design tools are integrated to make the website building experience a seamless one. The service is fully customizable and enables responsive designs. It also supports other features like animations, and publishing can be done with a single click.

Softr 2.0 – #1 on Product Hunt in June

For those looking to build apps using Airtable, code-free tools like Softr 2.0 make it a much quicker and easier affair. Using Softr, users can build portals for clients, internal tools, websites, and more. This allows people to create the tools they need to manage their business without technical skills. The app is simple to use, responsive, and allows users to release their app on any domain without paying extra. Currently, Softr is used by more than 15,000 companies and creators.

Typedream – #1 on Product Hunt in July

Typedream is a website builder that helps users create websites quickly using a Notion-like interface. What makes Typedream unique is that everything is tailored to making the website building process simple and fuss-free. Users can choose from a series of pre-built templates and customize their own site from there. Essentials like buttons and navbars can be added with a simple click. The app integrates ready-to-use assets like containers, backgrounds, and icons. Pages built with Typedream are also automatically responsive across all devices. 

SigmaOS – #1 on Product Hunt in August

For those of us who spend our work hours on the internet, a suitable browser is crucial. SigmaOS is a macOS browser specially designed for work. Your browser is divided into different workspaces. These workspaces can be used to sort out your pages and apps. The ‘snooze’ function allows you to hide pages that are not currently in use. The split screen function displays two active pages at once, making it ideal for multitasking. These, along with other SigmaOS features, streamlines the collaboration process and improves your overall work flow.