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10 Things for the Best Remote Office Setup

Are you among the millions of Americans working remotely? Discover our 10 must-have things for creating the best remote office setup!

Eighty percent of offices are now allowing people to work from home. If you are one of these people, get these 10 things for your home office.    

1. Extra screen

It is impossible to get all your work done using only one screen these days. While you may be able to keep up with Word or your emails on one screen, these days managers expect you to be on call with messaging apps or video calls.

For this reason, you will want to move extra windows into a secondary screen to glance at only when necessary. Only minimizing these windows will mean that you are going to need to keep distracting yourself by opening them. A separate screen means you can still have that information available without pulling you away from work.

2. Desk pad

Your wrists will need a break, and you will need to set out a distinct space that is your "working space", free of home life distraction. A desk pad can do that by being softer than the desk surface and being the perfect size to denote your "work from home" space as soon as you place it down.

3. Webcam

In-built webcams these days have low resolution and framerate, so look at the market for something that presents you in a much better way.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Logitech C920 has become the staple for the home office.

4. Extra lighting

As a part of your home office setup, make sure that you grab yourself some good quality lamps from a local supplier. Or, or if you are willing to spend you can also go for something a little higher-quality.

5. Good background

If you cannot seek out a blank background, such as a wall behind you, make sure the room you work in is at least tidy. Otherwise don't forget to use a vitual background!

6. Phone Stand

A phone stand can often play two roles. First of all, it can provide you with a location to put your phone when you want to keep an eye on messages. Second, it can charge your phone while it sits on your desk for use later.

7. Whiteboard

Organizing your remote work can be a headache when you are out of the office. While digital tools are very useful, you sometimes want a space of your own to plan things in. For that reason, whiteboards in homes have become more common, that way you can even combine your home chores with work tasks if you need to.

8. A View

One of the hidden benefits of being able to work at home is the aesthetic. This includes your desk's decorations, the music you listen to, and where you put the desk.

See if you can put your desk somewhere where you can have a good view. Not only can this lift your spirits, but being able to refocus your eyes on something far away now and then can help prevent eye problems later on.

9. Headphones

You may not know, but if you are having video meetings then using speakers is not your best option. For that reason, getting headphones can help all involved as they prevent the microphone from hearing what is being said. You can then both speak and listen at the same time without worrying about anyone being hard to hear.

10. Standing Desk

Standing desks come in two forms. First are the electric desks which can raise or lower at the press of a button. The other is mechanical desks that you adjust through a lever like car windows of old.

Choosing which you want can have a large effect on how often you adjust the height, so be careful when choosing.