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The Best Google Calendar Extension for Chrome

Find all your meeting notes in Google Calendar

The importance of a schedule cannot be underestimated. 

That is why so many people use online calendars. 

Nowadays, our days are jam-packed with meetings, events, and many other errands. We need a way to track everything that is going on, so that we can stay prepared and will not accidentally forget about an important errand. 

Something as simple as a schedule is the key to staying on top of all our tasks. 

The fact that calendars have gone digital has made it even easier for us to keep track of our events. 

About 7 in 10 adults rely on an online calendar of some sort to manage their life. These statistics show that mobile and desktop calendars are cornerstones of daily life, and will continue to grow in importance in the future.

One of the most popular online calendars is Google Calendar. 

Google Calendar is widely used for good reason. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. It has a myriad of different features. It is also very customizable, so that you can adapt the schedule to suit your own needs. 

Furthermore, there are many options that allow you to collaborate with others. 

It is also available on both mobile and desktop. This provides you with quick access to your schedule with a single click or swipe from wherever you are.

Another reason why Google Calendar is so helpful is that it gives you both a macro and micro view of what is happening throughout the day.

Aside from providing a bird’s eye view of your daily schedule, you can dive deeper and provide details for each event.

For example, each event comes with multiple fields that provide more information about the event. This includes who is involved, where the event is held, and why the event is taking place. 

However, the details that you can include for each event on Google Calendar only skim the surface of what happened. 

This is where third party extensions come in handy.

One of the coolest things about Google Calendar is that you can enhance your schedule with extensions.

These third party extensions are made by developers and provide different features that improve your Google Calendar experience. 

Google Calendar is already powerful and customizable on its own. But making use of an extension can truly turbo charge your time management and bring your productivity to the next level.

How to Supercharge Your Google Calendar

While Google’s many services are widely used — and for good reason! — they are not perfect. And this includes Google Calendar. 

Like mentioned above, Google Calendar gives you the helpful feature of adding details to your events. These include important points like event guests and the location or link, for when the event is held online. You can even add a short description. 

But you aren’t able to key in what exactly happened during the event itself, or what you and your team plan to do after the event.

And this is even more important when the event is a meeting!

A meeting does not just require a strong agenda or detailed minutes. You also need a clear list of actionable next steps to make for a productive, useful meeting.

This is where the Meetric extension comes in!

While Google Calendar gives you the big picture view of your meeting, Meetric provides you with an easy and simple way to follow up on it. (Bonus: Meetric works with Google Meet too!)

This handy tool is completely free and allows you to quickly capture meeting notes and assign tasks, allowing you to hold more productive meetings.

Benefits of Using Meetric

So what exactly is Meetric?

Meetric is an extension for Google Calendar that was specially designed with meetings in mind. It is more than just a note-taking tool. It is the best way to take your meetings to the next level.

Meetric works directly on your Google Calendar. You can add notes to your meeting without leaving your Google Calendar page or creating an entirely new document, which might eventually end up lost in the sea of documents. This lets you quickly and conveniently capture meeting minutes, notes, and tasks ✍️

So you have decided on a time and place for your meeting. What’s next?

We all know that having a strong agenda is necessary for a productive meeting.

You can easily prepare your agenda 📝 on Google Calendar with Meetric. Simply open up Google Calendar and add the pointers and topics you want to cover using Meetric. This way, you can kick off your meeting with clear goals in mind. 

This makes sure that every guest is on the same page even before the meeting starts. Everyone can access the event on Google Calendar, click on the notes, and have an overview of the agenda. It is then very easy for meeting guests to come to the meeting prepared and ready to discuss.

The importance of collaboration cannot be overstated. A meeting must be inclusive and engaging for every person in order to be productive.

This is why Meetric makes it easy for you to collaborate in real time 🧑‍🤝‍🧑. The meeting notes and agenda can be accessed by everyone in the meeting. Those with access to the Google Calendar event can also edit or add more details to the event agenda using Meetric. This nifty feature makes it easier for everyone to manage and coordinate tasks for the whole team.

Another must-have for successful meetings is a clear list of actionable next steps. Sometimes, the meeting might have been productive, but people are unsure about what to do next. This is why detailed meeting minutes are important. They give everyone an overview of what was discussed and what tasks should be tackled.

Meetric helps to create to-do lists too! There is a nifty feature that allows you to assign tasks and to-dos to yourself and other meeting guests ✅. 

Once you have locked in your meeting details with Meetric on Google Calendar, it is time to hold your meeting.

But many meetings actually go over the allotted time. This can spill over to the rest of the day. Other meetings may then start and end late. Even worse, people might become tired and distracted, simply waiting for meetings to finish instead of actively engaging in discussion.

Meetric solves this problem with a handy meeting timer ⌛, which makes sure you start and end on time.

The cool thing about the Meetric extension is that it goes beyond meetings.

Want to use Meetric’s powerful note-taking capabilities for other events on your calendar? You can do that too! 

As long as you have included the event in your Google Calendar, you can use Meetric to add detailed notes to the event. Use Meetric to prepare for a one-to-one call or include follow up actions for a sales pitch. 

How to Install Meetric

Does Meetric sound exactly like what you need to super-charge your meetings?

It is very simple to install the Meetric extension!

Here is a quick demo on how to install Meetric:

First, visit our Chrome extension page

Next, simply:

  1. Click ‘Add to Chrome’.
  2. Go to Google Calendar and refresh the page.
  3. Click on an event in your Google Calendar, then the button ‘Take notes’.
  4. Then, a side panel will appear and ask you to sign in.
  5. Lastly, sign in with your Google account that is linked to your Google Calendar.

And that’s it! 

Now, you’re signed in and ready to take your time management and meetings to the next level.