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The Best Google Meet Extension for Professionals

The #1 Chrome extension for Google Meet is here.

I have been using Google Meet (formerly 'Hangout') for years.

It's one of the simplest video conferencing tools out there. It's easy to use, has good video quality and enough features for small to medium size video calls.

But I like Google Meet even more thanks to the Chrome store and the many extensions available for it.

And if you're like me, a productivity geek, you're probably using a few already.

The best Google Meet extension is one you've never used though - it's called Meetric - a tool for professionals to have more productive meetings.

With the Meetric extension you can do the following in Google Meet:

1. prepare an agenda ahead of time.
2. write down notes, with others.
3. create and assign tasks to other meeting guests.
4. keep track of time so the meeting doesn't run over.

---all within Google Meet!

I can write meeting notes and assign to-dos to participants in Google Meet

Also, the extension:

- doesn't cover people's faces so you can see your notes and the people on the call at the same time.
- can be adjusted in terms of width.
- can be set as transparent, to see hat's behind.

This is not just another notepad. The extension connects to your Google calendar: the notes + tasks are linked to the existing events in your calendar.

This means you can find them Google Calendar:

- for past events: you can view notes/tasks you wrote down.
- for future events: you can prepare ahead of time, writing down thoughts or preparing an agenda.

Also access your notes from Google Calendar

Here's what users have said about it:

"Amazing!! It's so easy to write notes on meetings, it can be accessed quickly, so it's much better (and less hassle) than starting a google doc. Plus the ability to easily send follow up to everyone is the best!" Cheryl

"I am on google meets all the time, and to have the ability to open my notes/actions throughout my meetings exactly when I need them really makes being organised easy (I also really like that meetric organises my notes by meeting)." Ryan

"Such a great extension - I use Meetric for team and client meetings which means notes are easy to find and actions aren't forgotten." Cat

"So simple and easy to use...really helpful to keep up the habit of good note taking during online meetings. Reduces the number of windows you need to have open when on a conference call." Nathan

Try the Meetric extension today!