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The Best Google Meet Extension for Chrome

Write meeting notes in Google Meet

A productive, engaging online meeting can be very elusive in these times. Almost every schedule is nowadays packed to the brim with video call after video call.

With little to no buffer time between calls, it is easy to fall prey to meeting fatigue, stress, and overexhaustion. All these make for unproductive meetings. 

The fact that video calls are now cornerstones of our daily work life also means that the programs we use have become even more important. We are all familiar with the usual suspects like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Another popular video conferencing platform is Google Meet. In fact, its day-over-day growth surpassed 60 percent during the pandemic. Daily usage also skyrocketed by 25 times in March last year, compared to January the same year.

Google, too, understands the importance of optimizing their video calling app. This is shown by recent updates made to Google Meet’s user interface.

Getting the Most Out of Google Meet

All these efforts point to how crucial it is to make the most out of every virtual meeting experience.

Without in-person cues to guide the meeting flow or a physical environment to stimulate the discussion, it is easy for people to get distracted. It is also easy for one or two hours to pass by without getting much done. Another pressing issue is the fact that people may simply not be engaged, because online meetings lack certain aspects of in-person ones.

This is why it is important to get the most out of your video conferencing platforms. 

If you use Google Meet, you’re in luck.

The cool thing about Google Meet is that it supports third party extensions. Many of these extensions are very useful and make your meetings more productive.

These extensions provide extra features that enhance your Google Meet meeting.

The Best Google Meet Extension for Productive Meetings

If you are mainly using Google Meet for meetings, what is the best extension you can have?

Arguably, the most important part about a meeting is taking minutes. Something as simple as note-taking is perhaps what transforms a regular meeting into one that drives actionable next steps.

That is why Meetric is the best extension for Google Meet.

This completely free extension allows you to capture meeting notes directly in Google Meet. (And Google Calendar too!)

Benefits of Using Meetric

Meetric helps you keep track of what is being discussed in the meeting. 

Unlike other note-taking apps, Meetric was designed with meetings in mind. Meetric works directly on your Google Meet page, so you can take notes without switching windows. This means that you can easily capture meeting minutes, notes, and tasks ✍️

For example, you can prepare your agenda 📝 ahead of time with Meetric. Even before your meeting starts, you can open up Meetric and type in pointers that you and your team want to cover during the meeting. 

Having a meeting agenda is a must-have for any productive meeting. With Meetric, you can make sure that every meeting is off to a good start.

Ever bumped into the problem of everyone being on a different page during the meeting? You can also use Meetric to collaborate in real time 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 on the meeting notes and agenda with other meeting guests. 

This means that every participant — not just the scribe! — has access to what is being recorded. By making sure everyone has access to the minutes and agenda, you and your team can better coordinate your workflow.

Meetric also solves the age-old problem of losing all your meeting minutes. The extension has a nifty feature which lets you easily search for past meeting notes and decisions 📜.

Another important thing about meetings is making sure that everyone knows what their next steps are. There is nothing worse than having a productive, engaging meeting only for people to forget what is supposed to be done. This is a problem that many face when meeting minutes are sparse and not helpful.

Meetric tackles this too! You can use the extension to assign tasks to yourself and other meeting guests ✅

You can also make the most out of your time with a super handy meeting timer ⌛

In fact, it is very common for meetings to go over the allocated time limit. This is a big problem. 

It creates a knock-on effect and spills over into the rest of the day. It might even cause other meetings to start late and end late, resulting in fatigue and listlessness for meeting guests. 

Meetric solves this problem with its built-in timer, which helps you keep track of time, so that the meeting does not overrun.

How to Install Meetric

Does Meetric sound exactly like what you need to super-charge your meetings?

It is very simple to install the Meetric extension!

Here is a quick demo on how to install Meetric:

First, visit our Chrome extension page

Next, simply:

  1. Click ‘Add to Chrome’.
  2. Go to Google Calendar and refresh the page.
  3. Click on an event in your Google Calendar, then the button ‘Join with Google meet’.
  4. Once you are in Google Meet, click on the little C icon on the right side of your screen.
  5. Then, a side panel will appear and ask you to sign in.
  6. Lastly, sign in with your Google account that is linked to your Google Calendar.

And that’s it! 

Now, you’re signed in and ready to take your meetings to the next level.