Work life in the movies

Because nothing says it better than Hollywood!

Because nothing says it better than Hollywood!


When you quit after you've heard that your company is switching from G Suite to Outlook...👇

When your boss says you're now in charge of changing the entire company's CRM before the contract expires in 3 weeks...👇

When your boss sends that guy to sort out your derailed project...👇

When you send a really long email reply to someone, only to realise someone beat you to it...👇

When you're WFH after a full week in the office...👇

When you're a junior product manager and you imagine WFH engineers...👇

What you're thinking when someone took your meeting room and won't leave...👇

When you skip coffee at home to get to the office in time, then hear the coffee machine is broken again...👇

When someone pulls you into a meeting on Friday at 5pm...👇

When it's Friday Drinks and you realise it's only 2pm...👇

When you just came home from work after nailing that presentation...👇