Brainstorm Meeting

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Generate actionable ideas in a group setting with this helpful framework.
  • Background & Objective - what is the problem we are trying to solve?
  • Establish Ground Rules - more ideas better, no bad ideas, encouragement & positivity
  • Brainstorming Activity - individually, in small groups or as a team
  • Review & Discussion - of each person/group's ideas, grouping into themes
  • Voting - on the best ideas
  • Next steps - actions to take this forward

For Meetric users, we recommend using this template as follows:

Two heads are better than one, and a brainstorm is brilliant example of this concept put to work. If you are looking for fresh ideas on solving a problem or seizing on an opportunity, a brainstorming meeting can be used to great effect.

They are great for pulling people out of their regular, day-to-day responsibilities and getting creative, but also powerful for helping to get buy-in from colleagues for the possible future implementation of the ideas generated.

There are a glut of different approaches for this, and this template is flexible to accommodate any specific technique you like, whilst providing a helpful framework to make sure the time is productive and achieves its desired aims. A very basic one is to give individuals 3-5 minutes to ideate individually and record on post-its (or in a note-taking app like Meetric), before sharing back to the group.

Who should attend? Anybody in your organization that you think brings a unique perspective on the problem you are trying to solve, or you know to be full of ideas on the subject-matter. This could include people from product, engineering, analytics, marketing, sales, customer success and more. Whilst brainstorming meetings can involve larger groups if required, try not to double-up on people in the same vertical or similar roles. The bigger the group, the longer you will need to ensure everyone's voice is heard.

For Meetric users, we recommend using this template as follows:

  1. Copy the template into your meeting notes in Meetric against your Brainstorming session. Set a clear initial objective, and modify the ground rules if you see fit. Insert your preferred brainstorming technique (with instructions) if you have a preference.
  2. Share the link in the meeting event (if your team is all on Meetric, they will already have access). Make sure to invite people at least a few days before, to give them enough time to prepare.
  3. Make sure you have everything you need for the session — snacks, water and post-its if that's your jam! But Meetric can be used in their place and save you extra admin later. Plus it lets you push on in remote and hybrid settings!
  4. At the start of the meeting, re-iterate the objective and stated problem you are trying to solve, providing relevant context. Have a discussion to confirm everyone is aligned — or adjust it, if the group feels like it needs to be modified or can be worded better.
  5. Explain how the session will be conducted and establish the ground rules — don't skip this step!
  6. Break off into groups or individuals as needed and kick-off the brainstorming technique. Capture ideas in Meetric to save yourself the admin later! Separate groups/individuals can make their own section in the notes.
  7. At the end of the allotted brainstorming time, come back together as a group to review the ideas. Drag and drop ideas into groups or themes as you go.
  8. Vote on the best ideas — giving each person one or more votes. They can simply tag their name beside any idea they like.
  9. Make sure to leave some time to discuss next steps — create some actions with owners and due dates. It's not much good if no-one acts to brings these ideas to life!
  10. Send a summary of the notes and actions to all participants, with a thank you note!