Project Status Update

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Get aligned with your project team on progress, roadblocks and important milestones.
  • Reiterate Project Objective
  • Roundtable Update
  • Roadblocks & Risks
  • Upcoming Key Milestones
  • Next Steps

Whilst project management tools like Trello, Jira and Asana have facilitated much-improved asynchronous communication between project teams, there is still a place for Project Status Update meetings to regularly check-in with your team and make sure everyone is still on the same page as it relates to project scope and timing.

All project team members should be present and take turns updating their respective areas. The project manager performs the duty of piecing it all together and bringing it up a level to ensure that the team is still on track to meet the stated objective.

A key element is identifying any roadblocks or risks to the project and taking steps to mitigate to keep things on track. Where changes to scope, time, budget or quality are identified, they should be communicated to the relevant stakeholders.

For Meetric users, we recommend using this template as follows:

  1. Copy the template into your meeting notes in Meetric against your Project Status Update series. Populate the project objective up the top so it's there in plain sight, and add any other information you know ahead of time, like key upcoming milestones.
  2. Share the link in the meeting event (if your team is all on Meetric, they will already have access). Project team members should be prepared to talk to these.
  3. When the update meeting kicks off, reiterate the objective and pause for objections.
  4. If you've already been using Meetric for your Project Kickoff or earlier status updates, refer to outstanding actions using the Meetric Time Machine.
  5. Allow each team member a few minutes to give an update on their respective area, including any roadblocks or risks.
  6. Summarise the updates under the respective headings in the notes, and add actions as required. Don't forget to assign owners and dates!
  7. Discuss upcoming milestones and confirm they are still feasible. Make a note of any changes to the plan.
  8. Summarise the next steps by filtering for actions in the meeting.
  9. At your subsequent Project Status Updates, you can easily refer back to these notes and actions using the Meetric Time Machine.