Team Meeting

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A multi-purpose agenda, great for teams of all shapes and sizes to cover the things that matter
  • Quick Check-In - how do you feel about the state of things in the team/business? Personally?
  • Metrics Review - how are we tracking on the things that matter?
  • Individual Updates - from team members
  • Business Update - from team leader, of anything relevant to the team
  • Roadblocks - anything causing issues? What can we do to unblock each other?
  • Shoutouts - who deserves a mention?

Teams come in all shapes and sizes, and a team meeting is an important gathering for reminding individuals that they are all in it together!

But team meetings without a strong agenda risk becoming a time-suck and draining engagement and trust. On the flip-side, a good team meeting should energise participants, align team members and focus them on the most valuable activities for the next period!

How this is best achieved will vary depending on the team, but as the team leader, it's good practise to make sure this is equal parts download and upload for guests, and individuals (including the manager) don't dominate the conversation.

For Meetric users, we recommend using this template as follows:

  1. Copy the template into your meeting notes in Meetric against your Team Meeting, and adjust it as you see fit. (Don't worry, you can refine it over time!)
  2. Share the link in the meeting event (if your team is all on Meetric, they will already have access).
  3. Before you launch into business, do a quick check-in, allowing people to talk a bit about their weekend or personal life, good or bad. You may even try an Icebreaker to energise the group!
  4. Step through the agenda, one-by-one, making sure not to spend too long on any one item.
  5. Record important notes and actions below the relevant agenda items. Make sure to assign owners and due dates if relevant.
  6. Save a few minutes at the end (thanks to the Meetric timer), to review the actions coming out of that meeting. Use the icons beside the meeting details at the top of the notes to quickly filter your notes just for the actions. Clarify and add detail where necessary. Pro-tip: add a due date in order to trigger reminders!
  7. At the end of the meeting, send a recap to make sure everyone has a record.
  8. At your next team meeting, (after the check-in/icebreaker of course), you can quickly review outstanding actions from past meetings using the Time Machine.